Zul Sutan Singapore: At the Age of 61 a Legend Die

Zul Sutan Singapore

 Zul Sutan Singapore: At the Age of 61 a Legend Die

He tweeted: “The lion sleeps tonight, relax in peace, we will remember you, elder brother.”

Experienced guitarists and singers were known to attract audiences with their spirited and raw performances, which used to belt tunes while attracting fans from all over the world.

His last known demonstration a month ago was at the Mexican charcoal grill bar La Salsa on Delsa Road.

Great man

55-year-old Madam Usha Chatterjee told the owner of the bar that Zul’s death is a setback for the community.

“Singapore has lost one of its legends,” she said.

“As far as people from the United Kingdom and Germany came to show them every week.”

He said that Jung was playing in the bar for nearly six months, but he recently took a break because he was not feeling well, thereby developing health related complications related to his kidney.

He said, “There was a plan to return to him in January, but his condition worsened.”

“We are very sad to lose our friend for many years.”

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Zul Sutan began his musical career as a leader in Tania in 1977, shortly after his establishment, shooting fame.

He was extremely popular in the 80s, he had to draw crowds, whatever he had played at nightpot. Zul Sutan Singapore

Zul Sutan has played in many places in Pebble’s Bar, Peppermint Park, Music Pub and Harry’s Orchard Towers in the last 40 years.

In 1992, Zul Sutan released a single album, which included covers of tracks and songs written by Sting, Paul Simon and Tina Turner.



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