Yanina Latorre with Followers for Diego Latorre

Yanina Latorre

After the controversy that broke out through the publication of chats and sound recordings by the model, Diego Latorre decided to appear in
Showmatch with his children to throw the cold paws of the situation. There, the former footballer expressed full support for his wife and publicly apologized for his “mistake”. However, he strongly condemned the man’s position and described his remarks in the Tenelli program as “the television role of the year.” as Yanina Latorre.

Immediately, a woman asked for a personal greeting, which was returned. The other was hung on the head of his flaming son, which showed on Instagram a few hours ago.

Yanina Latorre also replied, funny. A follower made an implicit request for the death of the actress: “Better call to silence, respect.”

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Beyond the chaos created by news in social networks, the mention of the media conflict that Yanina Latorre maintained with Natasha at the end of 2017 – which later had to be resolved in justice to denounce extortion – arose in this case with her husband, Diego Latorre. “Why do not you have to say hi? A piece of shit!” The spokesman responded to this tweet.

The Star Committee member in Los Angeles as Manana was simply interrogated simply to welcome “as if nothing” through her Twitter account. Yanina Latorre often writes “Good Morning Viper,” but this time his greeting ended with anger from several users. “The best call to silence, respect,” suggested one Internet user, so the poet responded angrily: “Why do not you have to say hello? Piece of shit …”



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