Wifi Dabba Offers Internet Data at Lowest Price Ever

Wifi Dabba

Wifi Dabba has affordable wireless internet that is now available throughout most of Bengaluru. It launched services around the same time as Reliance Jio, while the 4G network promised user data at Rs only. 50 per GB, Wifi Dabba 1GB offered for only Rs. 20. Of course, this is not a fair comparison, because Wifi Dabba is not a cellular network – rather it is a group of Wi-Fi hotspots that are spread all over the city. There may be a better comparison with broadband providers, and in Bengaluru, Airtel offers 100 GB at a price of Rs. 999 – or Rs. 9.99 per GB.

Wireless broadband provider delivers 1GBPS speed with prepaid plans as low as 1 rupee per gigabyte in certain parts of Bangalore through its network technology called Supernodes, which uses lasers that create a network over the city, which reduces costs significantly .

The company claims that the lasers are safe for the eye and can communicate over distances of up to 2 km without latency. Supernode includes weather sensor, CCTV and other devices to monitor surrounding conditions.

It also plans to install 100 Supernodes across Bangalore by 2020 to provide service to individuals and corporate gardens.

Shubhendu Sharma started the company with CEO Karan Lakshman, and the two began research and development for this idea in July last year. By September, they were ready to launch, and today they have over 400 locations in Bengaluru.

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“Dabbas” are hotspots that are distributed to small stores, such as bakeries, tea stores, and so on. Shubhendu Sharma explains that they are broadcasting a Wifi signal, and you can buy a token at any store. He says: “You are calling with the open SSID, then pressing your phone number – this is a one-time condition – to verify your identity”. Then you enter the eight-digit code onto the token while you’re connected with WifiDabba.

Shop owners see it as an added value and revenue source, so they are ready to share with Wifi Dabba and install hardware and stock icons. It’s not something that can be easily copied as well – just a local store owner can’t buy a home router and stop connecting to a broadband connection.


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