Why Philippe Etchebest upset and tear in his eyes

Philippe Etchebest

This Monday, December 10, M6 broadcast the 50th issue of Cauchemar in the kitchen. The filming for Philippe Etchebest specifically touched: he was moved to tears as he heard the sad story of his family calling him for help.
The nightmare issue in the kitchen will be released on Monday, December 10th on the M6 ​​probably one of the most emotional issues in the history of the show. “I will remember this episode for a very long time,” Philippe Etchebest told Tele-Loisirs, still shaking before the experience.

The sherif arrived in Ecuisses, Saone-et-Loire, to help Elodie and Allan, a couple with a terrible descent to hell. Shortly after buying their restaurant four years ago, Allan broke his leg. And the problem only happened since … For Philippe Etchebest, the task seemed impossible: “After two fractures, including the ankle he was given, Allan was outraged. In front of the stove, his organization was messy, telling the TV Chef Mag, I wanted to leave.

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Philippe Etchebest on the brink of tears during filming

The head eventually changed his mind by listening to the manager telling him “the physical and psychological tests they were experiencing”: “I was really touched, he Speaking to TV Mag, it was Zola, their life, she was filled with sorrow. Philippe Etchebest was touched in her heart: When the owner of this restaurant told me her life was never complained. She had to endure such difficult things, I faced it, he explained at the Tele-Loisirs. And finally, I could not hold my tears. “In addition to the leader, the father is saddened by the challenges that have been overcome by Allan and Elodie:” In addition, they have five well-educated children. Seeing the babies in this scene, it touched me deeply, he told Tele-Loisirs. I took everything in my mouth and finally I could not hold my tears. It’s too strong



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