Who will be Next PM of India? Why Narendra Modi

Next PM of India

India’s current and dynamically dynamic Prime Minister is a person known to all is Narendra Modi. His bold steps against corruption, for economic development and for the benefit of disadvantaged groups are wonderful steps and Next PM of India can be Narendra Modi.

Its foreign policies have achieved a huge increase in foreign direct investment and India’s international prestige has grown significantly.

Narendra Modi will continue as prime minister because with current allies, the NDA will win the majority. Despite the noise of some coalition partners, they will all be on the frontline before the elections.

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The influence of the prime minister on coalition partners will be largely determined by how the BJP reaches its 282th. BJP should make the next election close to a booming election if it is to ensure a repeat of 2014 as Next PM of India.

Although Congress lost the House of Representatives elections in Gujarat, it was a change in the game of Congress. BJP won 99 seats while Congress retained 77 seats out of 182 seats. It is seen as a major disturbance not only in the Gujarat policy but also in national politics. To a certain extent, it affected Moody’s image as Gujarat was the home of BJP and RSS, and competed for the election in the name of Moody.

On the other hand, this was a turning point for Congress, whose performance was surprisingly unexpected under the newly elected President of the Conference, Rahul Gandhi. The main cause of the disorder could be “Patidar Andolan” from the support of Hardik Patel & Jignesh Mewani of INC.



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