Who is Tony Timpa and What happen with Dallas Police

Tony Timba

Tony Timpa is a Texas man who died after being caught by Dallas police officers in 2016.

A newly filmed video shot by the Dallas Morning News Tony Timpa pleads with the officers before he loses consciousness and dies. Tony Timpa shouted several times: “You will kill me!”

The video shows officers making fun of the 32-year-old who called 911 for help. Tony Timpa told the sender he had schizophrenia and stopped taking the drug, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Who is Tony Timpa?

On Tuesday, the camera footage obtained by the Dallas Morning News helped compose Tony Timpa’s disturbing death. After acting aggressive and hostile, Timba was arrested and pinned down on the ground by the neglected Dallas officers who did not realize that the detainee had lost consciousness and his nose was buried in the grass and a knee in the back. They ignored his pleas: “You will kill me! You will kill me! You will kill me!”

By the time they realized, it was too late. Fourteen minutes passed as Timba’s hands tied behind his back and tied his legs together, joking to hear the 32-year-old snore, laughing at how they had awakened him at school and made waffles for him. breakfast.

Torrez said the officers had to treat Tony Timpa more professionally throughout the meeting, especially in view of the 32-year-old Rockwall man named 911 in distress.

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“I think that makes them look very bad when they joke, laugh and make rash statements about the gentlemen,” Torrez said.

Torrez also said the officers may have tempered Tony differently.

“Fourteen, fifteen minutes is a long time,” Torrez said. “What’s wrong with putting it in the car, or in the back seat, or sitting on it … handcuffed.”

Rich Emberlin, a veteran in law enforcement for 30 years, watched the video from another angle.



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