Who is Deeghose – Information about Deepika Ghose

Deeghose - Deepika Ghose

An introduction to Deepika Ghose known as Deeghose, the founder and coach of Dance With Dee, was on Instagram. I ran into her videos, and like a creepy stalker almost, I kept watching more.

Finally, there is a dance class not only teaches you hip hop techniques and contemporary jazz bursts, but it is a booty and a very important rock ball need. No, in fact, the attitude is very important when you want to be your queen! as Deeghose.

Deepika Ghose divides its time between Mumbai and Bangalore (though Bangalore gets more attention!), And its classes are not your usual class. If you have a specific song in mind, just tell it and you will design its own dances. I bet that Despacito is in your mind, so join, learn Puerto Rico’s movements.

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Deepika Ghose graduated from Scripps College, Claremont, California. She has been dancing from a very early age and has trained extensively in jazz, hip-hop, ballroom, contemporary art, ballet, bollywood, African dance, modern dance and dance therapy.

She has participated in several scenes, including the world-famous dance company Martha Graham, and has trained dance and performing arts in Paris, France, through the University of Washington.

She teaches dancing in Bombay, Bangalore and Clermont, California on the Dance With Dee initiative. Currently, Deepika Ghose organizes individual and group activities for children and adults, as well as choreographies for weddings and events. Her energy is contagious and her fun activities are always sought after.



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