Who is Brenton Tarant and Why he Attack on New Zealand

Who is Brenton Tarant

Brenton Tarant gunman behind at least one mosque in New Zealand that killed 49 people on Friday, tried to explain some things in the statement he left behind: a 28-year-old Australian citizen who hates immigrants.

An Australian gunman who was involved in attacks on New Zealand mosques on Saturday killed at least 49 people by publishing a racist statement on Twitter earlier, and then broadcast a live broadcast, according to an online AFP analysis.

Brenton Tarant A man who claims to be suspected of killing 49 people in New Zealand, said his motive was to “create fear.”

The New Zealand government said it may be illegal to share the video, which showed that the gunman repeatedly fired at worshipers from close range.

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“Police are aware that there are very disturbing footage of the Christchurch incident on the Internet,” New Zealand police said on Twitter for Brenton Tarant.

New Zealand police commissioner Mike Bush said Friday afternoon that police had arrested four people, three men and a woman, but said he would not assume the threat was over as Brenton Tarrant.

He said he was not aware of other people involved, but said: “We can not assume that there are no other people in general.”



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