What is Joe 30330 and Joe Biden Supporters

Joe 30330 - Joe Biden

In his closing statement Biden made a mistake in Wednesday’s democratic debate. He mistakenly ordered voters to go to Joe 30330 instead of “Text Joe30330.”

Minutes later, Joe30330.com took you to a web browser to a fundraising page for the campaign of the mayor Pete Buttigieg’s campaign.

But minutes later, it changed again, redirecting him to the 21-year-old Joshua Fayer Web site. A public relations specialist at Syracuse University. His website says he is not “Joshin” about running for president.

“Four more years of Donald Trump will deviate from the deviation. It is difficult to overcome the damage he has done, but we can overcome it.” In his closing statement. Eight years after Donald Trump warned of fundamentally changing America. In estimating the amount of time constitutionally allowed for the current commander of the Oval Office.

Then, when staring at the camera, Biden ended his position to the main Democratic voters. “If you agree with me, go to” Joe 30330 “and help me in this fight.

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Everyone except former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Junior

“If you agree with me, go to” Joe 30330 “and help me in this fight,” Biden told viewers, hesitating as he worked on the numbers.

Of course, this is not a web site. Mr Biden seems to be trying to direct people to the text messaging platform of his campaign which according to his Twitter account is working by sending a text message “JOE” to 30330.


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