Venezuela Aid Live to Enters at Brazil Border not legal

Venezuela Aid Live

President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela has been in conflict for weeks with his political opponents, who question the legitimacy of his second term in office. The confrontation has been at odds with the prime minister over whether to allow tons of humanitarian aid donated by the United States to Venezuela across the Colombian border as Venezuela Aid Live.

Tens of thousands of people attended the giant concert held in Cucuta, on the Colombian side, for Venezuela. But a counter-concert, pro-Maduro that one, was mounted on the other side of the border, only a few hundred meters away.

The showdown between Nicolas Maduro, whose re-election is judged fraudulent, and Juan Guaido, recognized as interim president by fifty countries, took the unusual form of a musical duel, on both sides of the international bridge from Tienditas, connecting Cucuta to the Venezuelan town of Urena on Venezuela Aid Live on the News.

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Aid, including food and medicine, is desperately needed in Venezuela, where conditions have worsened steadily in recent months. Inflation has risen dramatically, hunger is endemic, hospitals are without drugs. More than three million people fled the country, many of them on foot, triggering a regional migration crisis.

Mr. Guaido urged the Venezuelan army to allow trucks to cross the border while standing alongside the presidency of Paraguay, Colombia and Chile – who are among more than 50 prime ministers to support him as a legitimate leader of Venezuela Aid Live.



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