Tom Schouteden Story at Cafe with Cost

Tom Schouteden

A banal cafe discussion Tom Schouteden (39) on New Year’s Eve had to pay for with his life. The two-year-old daddy got it in Kaulille with a friend, after which he was waiting outside with some friends. The victim was hit on the head with a glass bottle and died in the hospital. Two suspects have been arrested.

The New Year’s party in cafe Biej Jentje had a dramatic ending. At 5 o’clock in the morning a discussion about football arose. Tom Schouteden, himself a big supporter of KRC Genk , got words with another Dorposmate. The discussion became heated. Tom was asked to go outside and put down in an adjoining tent. Research has yet to be determined by whom. According to those present, people would have been summoned to settle the discussion.

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On arrival, the police heard several witnesses. DC was at the scene of the crime and was arrested, as was another 22-year-old suspect. The two youths were interviewed by police on Tuesday afternoon. It remains for the investigators to determine who dealt the fatal blow to the victim. Last night, we still did not know if two, three or even five people were involved in the fight. “Officially, we can not say anything at the moment,” said the prosecutor’s office of Limburg last night. “An autopsy will be done on Wednesday to find out the exact cause of death.”

Tom Schouteden’s relatives are obviously in shock. “Why, how could this happen?” The family wonders. Tom was a big fan of football and was a supporter of the hard core of KRC Genk. He leaves behind a woman, a 12-year-old son and an 8-year-old girl as said Tom Schouteden.



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