This Women Thinks “If you wear Short Dress, You should get Raped”

You should get Raped

This Women Thinks “If you wear Short Dress, You should get Raped”

In India, where women are already fighting for equal rights, injustice and a culture of rape, a shocking video of my aunt from Delhi has passed through all the narrow-minded quagmire the country is dealing with.

In a viral video posted by one of the girls who has been victimized by this woman, Shivani Gupta, my aunt can be heard making ridiculous sexual comments that can hang any Indian head in shame. A middle-aged woman tells a group of young women in Delhi that women in “short clothing” should be raped by men.

Seven men in a restaurant in Delhi reportedly raped girls wearing “inappropriate clothing” according to their narrow mentality.

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“My friends and I were harassed today by a woman in a restaurant wearing a short dress,” said Shivani in her explanatory article. “This middle-aged woman you see in the video has addressed seven men in the restaurant to rape us because she felt we deserved to wear short clothes and criticize her unwanted opinion.”

Even after giving middle-aged heterosexual women an opportunity to apologize to women there, she did not budge from her mistaken view of women.

Our instinct has shifted from drama, but with the support of our colleagues, we took it in a nearby shopping mall. We gave her the opportunity to apologize, but to no avail, of course. Not moved by the needle, not even another woman immediately learned the story and asked the appalling woman to apologize. “



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