Steven Stayner Story and The Serial Killer

Steven Stayner Story

Lena was 10 or 11 years old when her mother started a relationship with Carey Steiner, a maintenance worker at Cedar Lodge, outside Yosemite National Park as Steven Stayner Story.

Her mother was a waitress in California in 1998 and Steiner lived in an apartment above the restaurant. Lena said that at the time, Carrie Stender, in her 30s and Wassama, appeared to be “safe” for her, her mother and her younger sister as Steven Stayner Story.

The girls brought the illustrations he had made himself and bought them a new hat, a popular game in the 1990s, every time he saw it, she said. Lina, who asked to withhold her last name, said he also learned how to dive.

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“20/20” reports a chilling story about the younger brother Carrie, Stephen, who was kidnapped in his childhood and fled after seven years in captivity and how Stephen’s disappearance had an impact on Carrie’s behavior. It also includes an unprecedented and unprecedented voice from Cary’s confessions and photos for Steven Stayner Story.

Steven was abducted from his home in Merced, California, at the age of seven. While in captivity, he was assaulted by the hijacker Kenneth Barnell. At the age of 14, Steven fled with Timothy White, another victim of Parnell. Upon his return home, Stephen was welcomed as a hero and his disappearance became the subject of books and films. He married later, had two children, and died tragically in a motorcycle accident at the age of 24.



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