Sonic The Hedgehog movie 2019 trailer and new Poster

Sonic The Hedgehog movie 2019

He was surprised by the Internet about the furry Pokemon in the live Pikachu live-action piece last month, but we are no longer ready for Sonic the Hedgehog. A new animation poster for the upcoming film (Ben Schwartz as Sonic and Jim Carrey for Dr. Robotnik) was produced on the Internet Monday morning, and Sonic never seemed to like it.

A new teaser appears as a blue line ripped across the screen before the Sonic program turns forward and center. It’s covered in shades, but you can hide its distinctive hair (which actually looks like hair now) and bright red sports shoes. It also shines with an electric charge similar to that of Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was transferred to the past in Terminator.

Sonic The Hedgehog movie 2019

This is not the voice that we know and love exactly, but if the Blue Hedgehog is somehow in the real world, it may look like this. At least, Tim Miller, executive producer of the film, told IGN. According to Miller, who also took out DeadPool, giving the Sonic Voile was actually the least unusual option on the table on Sonic The Hedgehog movie 2019.

Miller also revealed another major change in the design of the Sonic character that we do not see in the trailer: His Eyes. the problem? In most Sonic games, the two-dimensional design means you only see one of Sonic’s eyes. The film seems to find a solution, but it is not a solution that creators of the content in the Sega channel are particularly happy with.

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“I do not think SEGA was completely satisfied with the eye decision, but these kinds of things go to it,” it would seem strange if we did not. “But everything is a discussion, this kind of goal Miller said:” This is only to change what is necessary and stay honest with the rest of it “

In the meantime, this new design has received at least one major approval. Roger Craig Smith (voice voice in animation and film and video games over the last decade) republished the new poster, basically passing the torch to his successor Ben Schwartz on Sonic The Hedgehog movie 2019.



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