Something happen with Artie Lange nose because of Drugs

Artie Lange nose

Comedian Artie Lange nose as, recently in Rehab rehabilitation while testing an exam after admitting guilty to heroin possession among other charges, tested positive for multiple drugs including cocaine at the New Jersey Court appearance this week. The appearance of the court revealed significant damage to the nose of Lang, which he showed and discussed on Twitter the previous week where he was severely damaged, suggesting drug abuse as a culprit.

The report pointed out that if Artie Lange is unable to enter the program or its ability to complete its requirements, it still faces the risk of imprisonment. It was not clear what this level of court in Lang would require or whether it would affect his projects.

Artie Lange was put under surveillance after pleading guilty to possession of heroin after a traffic stop in 2017. At a court hearing this week, Artie Lange was told that tests showed he had used cocaine sometime during the past two days, but claimed he had not used the drug to Artie Lange nose.

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“I will not be arrogant enough to come here after using cocaine for two days,” Lange told the judge.

He claimed in a series of tweets after the court appeared that he was out of heroin and hoped to overcome the cocaine take Artie Lange nose problem.

Artie Lange said at first that cocaine should not be in his system.

“Must have left my system,” Comedian Twitter. “But a higher force did not allow it .. its get away with it .. i’m a bad addict i had to see if i could get high … it was awful. If you are on the suboxen do not try it so they make me apply for a very strict program Of a rehabilitation type called Drug Court “



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