Sergio Cursino Died News in Brumadinho is True?

Sergio Cursino Died

A video of journalist Sergio Cursino Died entitled “We will leave” falsely to Marcio Mascarenhas, the owner of a house in Brumadinho (MG) who died in the disaster caused by the rupture of the Valley Dam, one week

Misinformation has turned into social networks since Wednesday, 30 when Sergio Cursino Died originally posted the video on his YouTube channel. On Facebook, one of the publications that make the fake association more than 82 thousand shares. These and similar posts have been flagged by Facts in FALSE in the Facebook verification tool (understand how they work).

After the tragedy of the Brumadinho dam on Friday, many videos and photos were taken over by social networks. Thousands of shares and comments gathered in Tire, many of which were not in tune with the facts and thus became false.

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In one of these videos, in which a man meditates beautifully on the true meaning of life, he was attributed to Sergey Mascarenhas, the owner of the hostel, who was struck by the mud of Brumadinho Dam. In legend the following false phrase: “See the owner of the hostel in Brumadinho.”

Despite the same physical characteristics as the owner of the hostel, the man in the photo is Sergio Cursino, who, according to information published in the newspaper Estado de Sao Paulo, is a journalist, journalist and journalist.



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