Sean Milliken Death at the Age 29 Because of his Weight

Sean Milliken Death

“TLC is saddened to be involved in the death of Sean Milliken,” the network said in a statement on Tuesday. “TLC expresses its deep sympathy with Sean’s friends and their families at this difficult time.”

His father, Matt Milliken announced the news on Facebook, according to TMZ. He wrote that his son died in hospital after complications from the infection: “On Sunday he had trouble breathing, and managed to revive him, and after a short pause his heart.”

“TLC feels very sad to share Sean Milliken Death its Discovery channel. “Viewers first met with Shawn in 2016 on my 600-pound life when he weighed more than 900 lbs. Throughout his journey to losing weight, he lost more than 400 lbs. Tcharen met TLC with Sean Milliken last summer and learned that despite his mother’s loss, Was still continuing in his quest to live a healthier and happier life. “

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“TLC expresses its deep sympathy to Sean Milliken’s friends and their families at this difficult time,” the network said.

Other people identified as “My Life 600-lb” have since died, Lisa Fleming and James “LL” Bonner. Robert Buschel died while filming, despite losing 200 pounds.

Sean Milliken shared his story for the first time with TLC viewers in Season 4, Episode 12 of the show which was broadcast in 2016 and was filmed again last summer shortly after his mother died.


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