School closings Wisconsin and Business, Government Offices

School closings Wisconsin

If you do not have to drive anywhere in Wisconsin on Monday, stay where you are. Roads across the state are covered with snow and sleet due to the huge winter storm that has moved to the state all night and will allow room for the coldest in years so School closings Wisconsin.

The state highway chart gives an indication of the magnitude of the storm, covering all major highways from Duluth to Kinosha, covered with snow and sleigh. Foggy fog and spray did not help move Monday, with many slips and breakdowns reported in the Madison area, according to Dane County 911.

“There is nothing major, just a minor crash and slippage,” one delegate said. “The safety of our students is one of our top priorities, we will follow the guidance of the region, consult with local officials and monitor expectations closely, and we recognize that this may be a challenging week for all of us, based on current expectations.”

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Schools can shut down in Madison if the wind has dropped to 25 or less, according to the wind page. Some local government offices are closed on Monday because of the weather, others open late as School closings Wisconsin.

Services and non-core offices in Dane County have been closed but Madison City offices are open, although recruitment may be very small.



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