Sara Ali Khan Birthday: After 2 Movies She Goin to be Hype.

Sara Ali Khan Birthday

Sara Ali Khan Birthday: After 2 Movies She Goin to be Hype.

Sara Ali Khan is on September 1993 and now She is 25 Years Old.

Saif Ali Khan daughter Sara Ali Khan, who is ready to make Bollywood debut this year, today is 25 Birthdays usually demand a celebration, but it seems that Sarah has other day’s plans. Sara Ali Khan Birthday.

The debut has separated the special day for the song rehearsal, which is to shoot for Simba, which is Ranveer Singh.

An insider said, “This year, his plans are quite different.” “Sara, who otherwise rings with friends and family on her birthday, will practice the day for the song of her upcoming movie.”

The actress devoted all day to learning the dance routine for her film because the shooting date of the number is near “.

The insider also said, “The song that Sara is listening to is an important and big, although the makers asked her to shut down for her birthday, but she has decided to continue practicing.”

Clearly, for a whole few weeks, really is following a tough routine, and it does not want to disrupt the flow.

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Insider said, “That’s why he does not want to take a break on his birthday and does not change the ‘dance routine’.

This is going to be a special year for Sarah, because she will start her with Kedarnath, which is Sushant Singh Rajput.

After this, he will be seen in Rohit Shetty’s Simba, in which Ranveer Singh is. Simba will hit the screen on December 28th.



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