Pulwama Attack at Jammu and Kashmir – Terror Attack 2019

Pulwama Attack - Kashmir Terror Attack

Forty-four members of the Central Reserve Police Force were killed and dozens wounded when an SUV carrying 200 kg of explosives collided with a CRPF bus on Srinagar Jammu Highway in Pulwama district on Thursday 14 Feb. 2019 as Pulwama Attack.

Angry at the terrorist attack, Titoni called on the government of Narendra Mudi to avenge the attacks with another surgical stroke across the border.

“An internal surgical strike was required this time, because the incident took place well inside LOC, from Srinagar to the south, there is an infinite support system in many forms, this is a modern time war and you have to fight within the absolute first cruelty,” a Twitter user.

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A small team of infantry battalion deployed in the Poonch sector split into the PKK and attached improvised explosive devices to the enemy forces patrolling the area, which was in a temporary location and close to a water source.

After waiting for some time, Pakistani forces that were traveling in the area caused a huge explosive device that stunned them for a few seconds as Pulwama Attack.

Waiting for the Pakistanis to reach their trap, the army commando opened a barrage of small-arms fire, killing three Pakistani people immediately from the Blush regiment, while another later died of injuries for Pulwama Attack.

MS Dhoni donated 2 Crore Rupees to CRPF Family.



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