Prince Philip Crash 2019 to Give Up Driving Licence

Prince Philip Crash 2019

Three weeks after Prince Philip crashed his armored car over Andrew Armor in another car carrying two women and a nine-month-old child, the royal family insists he will not be left behind again as Prince Philip Crash 2019.

The 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh, a husband of Queen Elizabeth II, handed over his driver’s license.

The Duke of Edinburgh surrendered voluntarily to his driving license a few weeks after he cut down his Land Rover in Norfolk, which sent two women to the hospital.

Car lawyers believe he may not be charged with travel for negligence because the public is not interested in bringing a “costly trial” if he gives up his license – Prince Philip Crash 2019.

But the 97-year-old will still be able to drive on royal land, although the woman involved in the car accident says “the roads will be safer.”

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Emma Fairweather, 46, was riding in a Kia car that collided with a Duke Land Cruiser last month.

The incident left the passenger Emma Fairweather with a broken wrist and driver with minor injuries. The child, who was traveling in the back seat of the car, was unhurt. The Land Rover overturned from Phillips in chaos, but the Prince himself was unhurt and then left the scene at the advice of the local police for Prince Philip Crash 2019.

“I can only imagine that I failed to see the car coming, and I am very pessimistic about the consequences,” Philip wrote in his letter to Fairweather. However, he was seen driving another Land Rover just two days after the accident – this time without a seat belt.



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