Port Orchard tornado started and going worse now

Port Orchard tornado

A storm survey team from the National Weather Service is heading for the scene of a major hurricane in the Port Orchard Tornado neighborhood on Tuesday to find out where it will rank among the country’s greatest hurricanes.

The storm occurred before 2 pm near the Bethel road junction and Lund prison, causing damage to several houses and the removal of a number of trees and power lines. As of Wednesday morning, no injuries or serious injuries had been reported for Port Orchard Tornado.

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The storm struck just as the classes graduated in South Kitsap High School for the day. As a result, the accident caused the postponement of all buses in the South Kitsab school area, according to area spokeswoman Amy Miller. With high school students ready to leave the building hit the storm. Students were detained at the school so that officials there could assess road safety.

How did the Port Orchard tornado begin?

Meteorological meteorologist Jeff Michalski said winds and rain seemed to have separated from a larger thunderstorm running through the Puget Sound area that appeared to have targeted the WalMart parking lot.
NWS says the storm was quick and isolated, and there were no other reports of damage as Port Orchard Tornado.

The National Meteorological Service will consider the severity and spread of damage to locate the storm on the enhanced Fujita scale. If storm rates are EF-2 or greater, it will only be the 16th hurricane in the history of the registered state to reach that force, and second only in December.



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