Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale Hand Holding after Show

Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale

Pete Davidson house was seen with Kate Beckinsale after a comedy in Los Angeles. The SNL comedian saw a director as he left his show at the Coronet Theater in West Hollywood.

Rumors have been circulating about a relationship around this pair since they were seen and left the Golden Globe after that. An unnamed source told the sixth page that the husband had already hit her.

The source said: “They were very excited, and were sitting on the seats of the outer courtyard Kate was putting her hand on his knee, and was still laughing at all his jokes.”

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However, there seems to be a spark at times between them because Pitt and Kate were seen hand in hand last night. The two were leaving a comedy show in Los Angeles, and took a car to a house hotel.

Obviously holding the hands does not mean that it is an element, but it certainly suggests that these two are in each other. Personally I’m here for Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale.



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