Parkland Shooting 2019 as Suicides and Parents Need Justice

Parkland Shooting 2019

A graduate of 2018 from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, died of suicide last week. Survived the 2018 Valentine’s Day attack that killed 17 people at a Florida school – including 14 students and three employees as Parkland Shooting 2019.

Aiello, a student at the University of Florida Atlantic, suffered the guilt of the survivors and was diagnosed with PTSD.

The tragedy comes just over a year after a gunman opened fire at the Florida High School, killing 14 students and three teachers. The shooting is a turning point in the debate over gun violence and the horrific attacks on school campuses.

Prior to her death, Aiello was an intimate friend with one of the victims of the shooting, Meadow Pollack. While Aiello graduated from Stoneman Douglas last year, her parents say she continued to live with the “guilt of the survivors” long after she left school. Aylo’s mother told CBS Miami that her daughter had recently been diagnosed with PTSD.

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Community leaders and residents gathered on Sunday to face the latest tragedy ripple across Parkland.

“You have to communicate with your children and your children, and you have to talk to your friends,” said Cindy Arinberg Seltzer, president of the Board of Children’s Services in Broward County as Parkland Shooting 2019.

“We tried to warn this past year,” said Ryan Betty, who killed his daughter Alena in Parkland. He was worried that the survivors would come with their own lives – just as they did at the Columbine High School. Thirteen people were killed in 1999 in Colorado.

“Almost many people died after the death of Columbine during the event, and it was a suicide,” Betty said.



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