Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Reason and What Happened Next

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

A fire broke out at the top of Notre Dame Cathedral Fire while Paris’s high-rises were under renovation on Monday, causing its tower to collapse and threaten one of the world’s greatest architectural treasures as locals and tourists watched as they walked away from the streets.

The French president pledged to rebuild a cathedral called “Part of Us” and appealed for help. The 12th-century church is home to antiques, stained glass and countless other works of art, a landmark of the 1833 Victor Hogue of Notre Dame Cathedral Fire.

Firefighters rescued the towers of the historic rectangular cathedral from the fire, but Paris Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Gregoire said the cathedral suffered “enormous damage”. The French president pledged to rebuild the teacher.

Paris authorities said they ruled out arson and potential terrorism-related motives as possible – at least for the time being – and treat the fire as an accident.

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In fact, the current edifice replaced the former church destroyed by fire. Fire again caught fire in the thirteenth century, prompting new work in the cathedral between 1230 and 1240.

Notre Dame was built in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and is the most famous medieval Gothic cathedrals. Located on the Ile de la Cité, an island on the Seine River, its architecture is famous, among other things, with gargling and famous flying supports. It is visited by about 13 million people each year as Notre Dame Cathedral.

Among the most famous works of art in the interior are its three stained-glass windows, located on the top of the cathedral from the west, south and north. Its priceless treasures also include Catholic relics, the crown of thorns, which are only occasionally presented, including Fridays during Lent as Notre Dame Cathedral Fire.


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