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ChristChurch Shooting

ChristChurch Shooting in New Zealand and 40 People Die

Four people were arrested and several bombs were found after 40 people were killed in shooting at two mosques in ChristChurch Shooting.
Paul Manafort Crime

Paul Manafort Crime and President Donald Trump to Save

Manhattan district Attorney, Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., said Wednesday that Paul Manafort, former head of President Trump's campaign in New...
Bomb Cyclone 2019

Bomb Cyclone 2019 With High Winds and Heavy Snow

A strong winter storm will spread across much of Colorado and parts of the central United States, leading to strong Cyclone winds...
IHOP free Pancakes

IHOP free Pancakes on 12 March for Kids

Well, today is your day. IHOP offers free pancakes today, March 12, as part of an annual show. The series hopes to...
Jaguar Attack

Jaguar Attack at Arizona Zoo when Woman taking Selfie

Wilkinson and his mother, who were in Litchfield Park Arizona, with his two children, ran around the corner where another young Jaguar...
Ethiopian Airlines Crash 2019

Ethiopian Airlines Crash 2019 of Boeing 737 has killed 157 Peoples

A Boeing 737 Ethiopian Airlines flight bound for Nairobi crashed shortly after taking off, killing all 149 passengers and eight crew members...
Adnan Syed Serial Update

Adnan Syed Serial Update and Murder of Hae Min Lee

Adnan Syed whose trial was put to death for the "serial" podcast, was denied a new trial on Friday by the highest...
Jordan Chandler 2019

Jordan Chandler 2019 Update and Where is he Now?

Two of the parents of the alleged victims of Michael Jackson were killed after being subjected to guilt and now Jordan Chandler...
Charlotte Russe Closing

Charlotte Russe Closing down and Files for Bankruptcy

Charlotte Russe is evaluating "out of business" sales with a busty women's clothing retailer ready to close more than 400 stores across...
Mercury Retrograde 2019

Mercury Retrograde 2019 and The Future Plans

Astrology this year was relatively simple, especially when compared to astrology - a retroactive nightmare - the eclipse of 2018, but there...