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Tony Timba

Who is Tony Timpa and What happen with Dallas Police

Tony Timpa is a Texas man who died after being caught by Dallas police officers in 2016. A newly...
Josje Bevallen

Josje Bevallen to Christmas child – Josje gave Birth

Josje Bevallen - Josje gave Birth Former K3 singer Josje Huisman gave birth to a Christmas child. On 25 December...
Mick Jagger Medical Treatment

Mick Jagger Medical Treatment and the Show Postponed

The group announced the news in a statement to the United States of America on Saturday by actor Fran Curtis for Mick...
Prince Philip Crash 2019

Prince Philip Crash 2019 to Give Up Driving Licence

Three weeks after Prince Philip crashed his armored car over Andrew Armor in another car carrying two women and a nine-month-old child,...
Eskom load shedding Schedules

Eskom load shedding Schedules: Farmers voice to EsKom

Eskom load shedding Schedules The Agricultural Union said that TAU ​​SA wanted farmers to pay fixed costs for the...
Elizabeth Smart Kidnappers

Elizabeth Smart Kidnappers location at near elementary school

A registered sex offender who helped to kidnap the Elizabeth Smart Kidnappers teenager near Otah Primary School after she was released from...
Joe 30330 - Joe Biden

What is Joe 30330 and Joe Biden Supporters

In his closing statement Biden made a mistake in Wednesday's democratic debate. He mistakenly ordered voters to go to Joe 30330 instead...
Kirk Woodman

Kirk Woodman Kidnapped and Body found at Burkina Faso

A kidnapped Canadian (Kirk Woodman) body was found in Burkina Faso, according to his family, two days after his abduction.
Bear Grylls with Modi in Man vs. Wild

Narendra Modi with Bear Grylls in Man Vs. Wild

The famous British show "Man vs. Wild", hosted by the famous adventurer Bear Grylls, will feature Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an...
Lloyd Russell Moyle mace

Lloyd Russell Moyle mace grab at parliamentary and going on

Lloyd Russell Moyle of Parliament was expelled from Parliament after taking the ceremonial mantle that needs the Commons to meet, vote and...