Miss Monde 2018 winner is Vanessa Ponce

Miss Monde 2018 winner
Miss Monde 2018 winner

She will have almost done it. After a month of intensive preparation in Sanya, China, Maeva Coucke was planning to finish her adventure Miss World apotheosis by winning a title that escapes France for 65 years. Among the favorites, the 24-year-old Nordic joined the top 12 before being overtaken by Miss Belarus for the Miss World Europe scarf, synonymous with qualifying for the top 5. Miss Monde 2018 winner

This is another favorite, Miss Mexico, who has been crowned. A graduate in international business, Vanessa Ponce de Leon, 26, is a model and very committed to humanitarian work. An altruism that she especially put forward when she took the floor and who, no doubt, seduced the jury composed of 13 personalities. She was second in the public vote.

Maeva Coucke bring back the prestigious crown in France? Saturday, December 8 will be the election of Miss World 2018 live from Sanya, China. The 24-year-old has already convinced a large part of the jury since she managed to qualify for the grand final of the competition. This year 2018, things are a little different from previous years since usually it is not Miss France who represents the hexagon but his 1st Dauphine. Miss Monde 2018 winner

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The Miss Universe contest being held on December 16th and that of Miss France on December 15th, it was impossible for Maëva Couck, Miss France 2018 to stand for election, since the latter will hand over the crown to the new Miss France 2019 That’s why she was chosen as the representative of the tricolor flag for Miss World 2018.

So Eva Colas, dauphine of Maëva Coucke – Miss France 2018 – who will defend the French colors at the Miss Univers 2018 competition. If these two competitions have similar points, they also have many differences. frenlighten you to understand what distinguishes them.



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