Miranda Lambert Flipping Plates at Restaurant Incident

Miranda Lambert Flipping Plates

A recent phone call from 911 from Stoney River Steakhouse in Nashville, one of the restaurant’s employees, says Miranda Lambert “is trying to hit people, flipping the paintings over her.” as Miranda Lambert Flipping Plates.

Lambert was reportedly having dinner with her mother and a male friend at the restaurant over the weekend when things got hot between Lambert and his fellow restaurant owners, where the singer reportedly threw a thief into the lap of another patron.

The Nashville metro police responded to the restaurant after the incident, but Lambert left the restaurant at the time, and many other men did not want to cooperate on Miranda Lambert Flipping Plates.

A caller says that Lambert was in the restaurant with her mother and boyfriend, and was behind the argument. Eyewitnesses say they went there for the third time before Lambert began flipping on the dishes and throwing power over another woman.

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The second caller was an employee at the restaurant and asked the police to intervene in the situation. The situation escalated so much that the two men were about to be beaten. The procedures of Lambert and its company have disabled the restaurant and other customers when Miranda Lambert Flipping Plates.

The incident began between two gentlemen who argued about the millennium and their phones. Then escalated into argument and fight, resulting in the throw of Lambertas from her salad. Lambert and the neighboring company left when the authorities arrived.



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