Migratiepact Inhoud have much Wrong Information going on

Migratiepact Inhoud

“Surprisingly, there is a lot of misinformation about the United Nations Charter on Migration and the content of the text.” Louise Arbor, UN Special Representative for International Migratiepact Inhoud, said in Marrakech on the eve of the International Conference. Conference on this Charter. However, Arbor did not want to answer questions about the Belgian situation.

In the Moroccan city of Marrakech, the international conference will be held tomorrow and Tuesday, as states reaffirm their political commitment to the United Nations Charter on Migratiepact Inhoud, which has been widely discussed. More than 150 countries will be represented. About one hundred of these countries, including Belgium in the end, send a minister or a government leader.

23 goals – Arbor, who led the negotiations on the Global Charter for Safe, Organized and Regulatory Migratiepact Inhoud (GCM), criticized the vast amount of misleading information that, in her view, was sent to the world in an introductory speech. “The Charter does not create the right to immigrate, does not impose restrictions on States, does not impose a soft law, and is not legally binding,” said the UN representative. “This is not an explanatory text, this is the text.”

The transfer agreement includes 23 safe and organized Migratiepact Inhoud targets. For example, States are combating the smuggling of human beings, providing migrants with basic services such as food and shelter and assisting in safe return to the country of origin.


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