Mick Jagger Medical Treatment and the Show Postponed

Mick Jagger Medical Treatment

The group announced the news in a statement to the United States of America on Saturday by actor Fran Curtis for Mick Jagger Medical Treatment.

“Mick Jagger has been advised by doctors that he can not go on a tour at this time because he needs medical treatment,” the statement said. “Doctors have advised Mick that he is expected to recover fully so that he can return to the stage as soon as possible.”

“I hate leaving our fans down and I’m very disappointed because I have to postpone the tour but I look forward to going back to the theater as soon as possible,” Jagger said in a statement.

A team delegate declined to explain Jagger’s medical condition.

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The 17th concerts are postponed from a concert on April 20 in Miami to the band’s July 29 performance at Burl’s Creek Event Grounds in Canada. Delayed performances include two concerts at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey, two concerts at the Chicago Solger Field and football venues in Denver, Washington, DC, Seattle, Philadelphia and Foxboro, Massachusetts.

DJ Pres Presents / Concerts West said fans are encouraged to stick to their tickets because they will be valid in the rescheduled performances.



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