Mercury Retrograde 2019 and The Future Plans

Mercury Retrograde 2019

Astrology this year was relatively simple, especially when compared to astrology – a retroactive nightmare – the eclipse of 2018, but there is a brewing storm! Mercury is in the last degree of whale, only painful to spray out of the storm water signal emotionally and to the bright Aries for Mercury Retrograde 2019.

But on March 5, things went Retrograde in the whale for two weeks, bringing not only the usual retrograde drama of misunderstanding, travel delays and technical barriers, but all the extra water works in the presence of an emotional watermark.

What does it mean when mercury enters Retrograde?

Mercury enters Retrograde when it passes through the earth in its orbit around the sun. Because mercury is closer to the sun than Earth, its orbit is smaller. In its orbit, the earth passes three times in one year. During these times, for us on Earth, Mercury seems to be moving Retrograde, or going backwards.

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While the planet does not move back materially, the few weeks it sees moving in the alternative direction are classified as “retrograde”. In astrology, it is considered that Mercury’s rapid passage of Earth can send forth fast and sometimes noisy energies to the everyday life of those beings on the earth as Mercury Retrograde 2019.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury turning Retrograde is a change in Mercury’s motion and it is said that it blows up bad luck. It is said that the reactionary movement caused complete chaos. Late, car problems and relationship problems are believed to be traces of Mercury. Do any of these problems look familiar? Answers to why this could be a reverse recursion cycle.



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