Melhores do Ano 2018 list for Domingao do Faustao is Ready

Melhores do Ano 2018

It happened today (09), direct from the Globo Studios, the awarding of the Best of the Year trophies, the annual ‘Domingao do Faustao’ award. Global big names in television appeared in gala dress on the big screen for one of the most important awards in the medium of Melhores do Ano 2018. Are you curious to know who the lucky of the night were? So stick with us and check out the winners:

Actor / Actress Mirim: David Queiroz (Badu ‘ Second Sun ‘) 
Journalism: Sandra Annenberg ( ‘the Day’) 
Actress Revelation: Bella Piero (Laura ‘ The Other Side of Paradise ‘) 
Actor Revelation: Luis Lobianco (Clovis’ second Sun ‘) 
Comedy: Eduardo Sterblitch (‘ Okay Up ‘and’ Love and Sex ‘) 
Supporting Actress: Leticia Colin (Rose’ second Sun ‘) 
Supporting Actor: Chay Suede (Icarus’ second Sun’) 
of the Year Singer : Anitta 
Series Actress: Patricia Pillar (Cassia de ‘Where the Forts Are Born’)
Music of the Year: Largado a Moths (Ze Neto and Cristiano) 
Serial Actor: Alexandre Nero (Pedro Gouveia from ‘Where the Forts Are Born’) 
Novel Actress: Giovanna Antonelli (Luzia de ‘Segundo Sol’) 
Novelist: Sergio Guize (Gael ‘the Other Side of Paradise’) 
Singer: Luan Santana 
Character of the Year:  Adriana Esteves (Laureta of ‘Second Sun’), Fernanda Montenegro (Mercedes’ the Other Side of Paradise ‘) and Marieta Severo (Sophia’ The Other Side of Paradise ‘)

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Domingao do Faustao 2018

The biggest winner of this year was the novel “Segundo Sol”, where he took a good part of the awards mentioned. “The Other Side of Paradise”, one of the greatest results recently, ended up with a few awards, perhaps because it appeared at a stage often overlooked in the awards. On the other hand, “pride and passion” has been ignored in the nominations, even with big names in the team worthy of competition for the award. One of the big surprises of the night ended with a triple draw between Adriana Estevez, Veranda Montenegro and Marita Severo in a better personal cup. All three things were fantastic in 2018 and they deserve it Melhores do Ano 2018.



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