Lokerse Festivals 2019 Perform by Scorpions and Europe

Lokerse Festival 2019 - Lokerse Feesten 2019

Both bands sell millions of albums and are known for classical music like “Rock You Like Hurricanes”, “Winds of Change”, “Still Loving You” and “Final Countdown” for Lokerse Festival 2019.

The Lokerse Festival will soon be breaking new names for this festival day and will announce that there will be an indoor metal and metal metal sticker for the first-ever Elektropedia Room.

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The organization said that this day will also have internal programs this year on Lokerse Festival 2019. Other names must be added quickly, while Oscar, Wolf, Birth, NOFX, Heideroosjes and The Damned were already known.

We owe the Germans the scorpions diversity like rock you love hurricane and still love you. Europe, a band from Sweden, has the final countdown as the biggest blow on Lokerse Festival 2019 this time.



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