Lloyd Russell Moyle mace grab at parliamentary and going on

Lloyd Russell Moyle mace

Lloyd Russell Moyle of Parliament was expelled from Parliament after taking the ceremonial mantle that needs the Commons to meet, vote and pass bills.

The representative of Brighton Kemptaun, who last month appeared on HIV before World AIDS Day, took the embossed symbol of the king’s power on Monday (December 10th) to protest against the government’s decision to postpone the vote on Prime Minister Teresa Mae to the Brexit Convention.

On his way to the house table, seated by President John Bercow, behind Lloyd Russell Molly, who was elected in 2017, he unexpectedly snatched the five-foot and 22-pound scepter and stood defiantly in the middle of the floor as governors’ deputies. He shouted repeatedly: “Expel him!” And “Shame!”

Then he turned and walked toward the exit and Bercow said to him, “Ask! The 32-year-old Labor MP refused to do so, but handed the scepter to the staff as Lloyd Russell Moyle mace.

“I am sorry, but under the authority granted to me by the permanent order number 43 – I think the honorable man will know the implications of his actions – I must ask the man of honor to withdraw immediately from the House for the rest of this sitting day.”

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The MP remained at the House of Representatives initially, refusing the order until Bercow said, “No, no … he must leave or accompany. He must leave”

Lloyd Russell Moyle explains about mace

He told HuffPost that the rushing protest was driven by the way the government decided unilaterally to postpone the vote – using an old method that simply required a way to tell the House publicly: “Tomorrow.”

He said: “I thought that one person shouting” tomorrow “and literally hundreds of people shouting” Today “, the will of parliament will be ignored.

“The symbolic gesture to raise the scepter and remove it is that the parliament’s will to govern is no longer, has been removed, and felt that the parliament has effectively abandoned its sovereign right to govern properly.”



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