Lee bee wah Singapore: She is going with some Problems

Lee bee wah Singapore

Lee bee wah Singapore

Edward Foo, 21, a volunteer of the Ready4Replal Online movement, wants to abolish Section 377A of the Voluntary Penal Code for talking to the Penal Code (MP), ER. In a Meet the People Session (MPS), Dr. Lee Bee wah However, in the session, he accused him of refusing to listen to him. Lee bee wah Singapore

Mr. Foo volunteered to pass ER. Dr. Lee took a copy of Petition petition for cancellation of 377 A in the Mill of People In a Facebook post, he wrote that around 6 o’clock on Monday, December 3rd, another volunteer of Mr. Fu and his friends MS Madeleine Brétéché, MS Lee Joann Noah and the Ready4Rephalal movement talked to Er in the Miss the People session Attended for. Dr. Lee bee wah Singapore.

He wrote, “There is a letter writer, who is a Meet the People Session volunteer to help write letters to relevant ministries in relation to our issue, he pulls four chairs to sit around the table. The author asks that in this case, we think that this is a private matter, and we want to talk to the MP individually. “

“The volunteer accepts and pulls a chair for the MP, after which he calls the MP and tells the MP that we have a personal case to discuss with us.”

In his account on Facebook, Mr. Foo continued that when er. Dr. Lee bee wah said, “She said that she thinks she knows what this is,” because her other MPs have “mentioned before”. She waited to leave my three friends, and left me alone Then he asked me what I want to say.

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He further said, “I said again:” This is in relation to Article 377 A, and I was wondering what your views on this matter are.

According to Mr. Foo, er. Dr. Lee bee wah said to him, “I have other residents with the real problem”, and got out of the room.

Mr. Foo also claimed that when he tried to pass a copy of the petition, he brought Dr. Lee bee wahsaid, “He took away his hand and asked me to pass volunteers instead.” TISG reached the ER. Dr. Lee bee wah for comment on this matter. His response pointed to the following explanation from us only from our branch.



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