Klimaatmars Leuven 2019 Organized at Belgium

Klimaatmars Leuven 2019

The 16-year-old Raphaelle De Coen, fifth-year student at the Holy Trinity College, organized the Klimaatmars Leuven together with ten other people from KlimaLeuven. “Not everyone just touched Brussels, so we wanted to give the people of Leuven a chance to make their voices heard.

I have been busy with the climate since I was 14 years old. Then I deliberately started reading about what we can do to improve the climate. Since then I eat as little meat as possible, I wear second-hand clothing, I do not use plastic bottles and I go to school by bike. “

Floor Devesse as fifth-year student at the Sint-Albertus College, joins this. ” After the first march in Brussels, we went to KS Leuven (the school community for Catholic Secondary Education in Leuven).

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We really wanted to do the same in Leuven and Anuna and Kyra have let us know that they are happy to come along. I actually always got this from home. We are consciously concerned with the climate. I am vegetarian and go everywhere by bike “, explains Floor.

During the march through the Leuven city center, the organizers of Klimaatmars Leuven were at the forefront all the time. They helped ensure that the demonstration was conducted in the right direction as Klimaatmars Leuven.



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