Kimly exec arrested and that going weird as on!

Kimly execs arrested

 Kimly exec arrested

Five days after coffee shop operator Kimly Ltd. confirmed that two top officials are being examined on the recent acquisition of the company’s recent acquisition Asian Story Corporation (ASC), they said that both were arrested and they were granted bail Were on. Kimly exec arrested

In filing the Singapore Exchange on Tuesday night, Kimly said that its executive chairman, Lim Hee Liat and executive director Chia Cher Khiang had been arrested by the Commercial Affairs Department, “concerned (with), or suspected of appropriately involved, An offense under section 199 of the Securities and Futures Act “.

This section is involved in making false or misleading statements, and it says that no person will make such statement or disseminate information among other results, among other results, in the securities, security-based derivative contract or units of group investment in other people Will motivate you to subscribe.

Kimly said in her latest filing that the couple is on bail, continues to help with the investigation. Kimly exec arrested

No formal charge has been made and it is not clear if former company non-executive director Ong Eng Sing, also known as Mr. Alain Ong, is in the same situation.

Mr. Ong, the Chief Executive Officer of Pokka International, from his directory of Kimly in January, until he was suspended in September after an internal audit. He does not work for Pokka anymore.

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In a series of announcements last week, Kimly revealed that officials had sought information technology equipment used by Mr. Ong, Mr. Lim and Mr. Chia other than the other matters.

He asked for documents for the initial public offering of Kimly and the acquisition of ASC and documents for its corporate secretariat records from January 1, 2016.

Separately, the drink maker ASC was asked to produce documents on its core-port secretariat and financial records, and on July’s acquisition.



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