Kevin Spacey Video of Silence he break in Underwood style

Kevin Spacey Video

Kevin Spacey again on Twitter after more than a year of silence. The 59-year – old actor can be seen as his card character Frank Underwood in a video ‘ Let me be Frank. ‘ Spacey does not only appear to announce a comeback, but also appears to be addressing the accusations of sexual abuse – Kevin Spacey Video.

“The headlines, the accusations without trial, in spite of all hostility. In spite of everything, even my own death, I feel surprisingly good, ” Spacey says in a video of more than three minutes.” And my confidence that by the day you will know that the full truth grows.”

I certainly won’t pay any price for things I haven’t done,’ says Spacey in the video,’ Let me be Frank,’ in Frank Underwood ‘s style, his character in the House of Cards Netflix Series. Spacey played the leading role in this series, but was pronounced after the charges of abuse as Kevin Spacey Video.

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The Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp was the first to accuse Spacey of cross – border behavior in October of last year. Not long after Rapp had told his story, Spacey responded to the Twitter charge. Spacey came out of the closet in his message, his orientation had been a public secret for years.

Spacey is accused of unwanted intimacy by various men. The first actor to tell his story was Anthony Rapp, who said he was harassed by the actor when he was 14.


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