Karina Vetrano Father as a Weight has been Lifted

Karina Vetrano

A man accused of killing a slow-hearted New York City champion in 2016 has been convicted on Monday night and is now facing life imprisonment without parole when he is sentenced to two weeks in prison as Karina Vetrano.

The jury released her verdict after five hours of deliberations and found that Chanel Lewis was guilty of sexual assault and then choked Karina while jogging on a trail at Howard Beach in Queens, according to a statement from prosecutors.

Lewis was arrested in early 2017 – six months after the body of Karina Vetrano, found by her father Phil, was found about 10 feet from her daily passage.

Karina Vetrano told reporters after spending about 10 minutes praying and talking to Karina Vetrano at the temporary memorial, there was nothing more, “Well, now we have to kick him out.” “It’s over now.”

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The jury in Queens took only five hours on Monday to convict Chanel Lewis in all four counts – first-degree murder, two counts of second-degree murder and aggravated sexual assault – in Karina death.

The conviction follows the end of the 22-year-old convicted murderer’s trial in a jury suspended in November after just one day of deliberations.

However, the prosecution, who argued Lewis killed Karina Vetrano as an “opportunity crime”, was able to persuade the jury to convict Lewis. “Justice, justice has been achieved,” her father told reporters after the trial.



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