Julie Van den Steen as Single again in New Year

Julie Van den Steen

The two broke up half a year ago, but the news became known. They were together for two years. “I and Martin broke up as friends this summer,” Julie Van den Steen said. “Now we go all separate ways and wish each other the best.”

The news about the penetration is not leaking now is not a coincidence. Regardless of how she spontaneously imparts a blonde to MNM, she has always been wary about her emotional life. Only once did Julie and Martin put together on the red carpet. It was during the premiere performance of the Pippi Longstocking Theater in Antwerp in October 2017. Earlier, Jolie had a short romance with Stephen van Hierwerighe – Julie Van den Steen.

Julie Van den Steen and her friend Martine Verheolst split six months ago, but the news became known. “I and Martin have been divided as friends this summer,” says Hit Lateste News. “Now we go all separate ways and wish each other the best.”

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Since Monday, 25 August 2014, she has become the title of Peter van de Vere in the De Grote Peter Van de Veire premiere. In June 2016 she was the main deejay of Marathonradio (along with Peter van de Veire and Tom de Cook). During the summer of 2016 she was a member of the Summertime MNM presentation team, on weekdays during the morning hours 10:00 to 12:00.

The two had been together for two years. Earlier Julie Van den Steen had a short relationship with the presenter Stephen van Herwig.



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