Jon Jones News about Drugs test for UFC 323

Jon Jones News

UFC superstar Jon Jones once again apologizes for a failed drug test-claiming that the steroid found in his system was not consumed this week with the intention of cheating as Jon Jones News.

” I just wanted to take the time to apologize to fans for what’s happening, ” said Jones in a Sunday night video… ” It’s a totally out of control situation. “

But, officials from the United States The Anti – Doping Agency (USADA) essentially said that the traces found in the JJ system were TINY-and probably the remains of a positive test in 2017.

This news comes only six days before Jones is scheduled to return to the Octagon in the main event of UFC 232 for the lightweight title of Alexander Gustafsson.

The description of the result by the USADA as ” extremely low ” begins only to describe what appeared on the test. Jeff Novitzky, UFC Health and Performance Vice President, explained that only a ” picogram ” of the substance found in the Jones sample existed as Jon Jones News.

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Jon Jones News – UFC 232

In his video, Jones recognizes that the situation is messed up, but claims that he has not taken any PEDs and never intended to do so. ” This is a completely uncontrollable situation… But I’m still gonna man up and apologize for this. “

“We have a statement from the [WADA – accredited] laboratory director[ at SMRTL in Salt Lake City] saying that there is no evidence of any new ingestion, ” said Foster. ” It’s no new thing. This is what he has already been punished for. He’s served his time on that already. “

At the end of the day, this situation is more of an inconvenience for all involved — Jones, Gustaffson, UFC and the other fighters on the card — than anything else. Gustaffson had been camping in Las Vegas (For Visit Las Vegas) in preparation for the big fight for Jon Jones News.



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