Jennifer Lawrence Harvey Weinstein Claims Lawsuit

Jennifer Lawrence Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein brags about sleeping with Jennifer Lawrence after another actress turned down her offer, allegedly in a lawsuit.

The latest allegations against film producers appeared in court documents on Friday, with an unnamed woman claiming to have had oral sex. Weinstein denied all allegations of sex without his consent.

According to the lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles, Harvey Weinstein paid the unnamed actress on the floor during a meeting in his office in 2013 before sexually assaulting her as hype Jennifer Lawrence Harvey Weinstein.

Quoting the court documents, Variety stated that the actress – referred to in the case as Jane Doe – claimed that Harvey Weinstein “performed oral sex by force and repeatedly used her and threatened to harm her professional career if she objected.”

“I grew up with Jennifer Lawrence and see where she is.” She just won an Oscar, “remembered the accused Weinstein telling her, Variety mentioned.

“My heart is broken for all women who have fallen victim to Harvey Weinstein,” said Lawrence, 28. “I had nothing but a professional relationship with him, another example of his predatory tactics and lies to seduce countless women.”

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“This suit was filed and updated strategically without prior notice or any attempt to access Mr. Harvey Weinstein lawyer for one reason. Mr. Weinstein was supposed to be embarrassed and have unrestrained media attention.” “There is no truth at all in the malicious claims made in this lawsuit, and we review our options by making a request for immediate dismissal.”

The last defendant, listed in the legal documents as Jane Doe, sued both Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Company, a film studio he founded with his brother Bob. The battery claims sex and discrimination.



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