Jean Pierre Van Rossem Death reason and what happen

Jean Pierre Van Rossem Death

Ex-stock Guru, Politician, Econometrist, F1 team boss, Crook, Writer and Painter Jean Pierre Van Rossem Death at 73 age on 14 December 2018.

Jean Pierre Van Rossem was one of the most flamboyant Belgian figures of the eighties and nineties. On Tuesday evening he was taken from his apartment in Kapelle-op-den-Bos to the hospital with an ambulance. On Facebook, Van Rossem announced on 10 December that he was seriously ill at the lungs.

Jean Pierre Van Rossem Death

The man, who became a cult figure, became known to the general public in the 1990s with his libertine party Jean Pierre Van Rossem Death. At the 1991 elections, the party won four seats, three in the Chamber of Representatives, one in the Senate. In ’91 Van Rossem could not sit in parliament himself, because he was arrested just before the elections. It was only in ’92 that he took up his seat.

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The most famous moment of Van Rossem is undoubtedly the ‘Vive la Republique moment. Van Rossem disturbed the inauguration of King Albert II in 1993. He called: ‘Vive la Republique Europe! Vive Julien Lahaut! ‘. He succeeded Julien Lahaut, who had said the same during the swearing of King Baudouin. Senate chairman Frank Swaelen replied Van Rossem with: “Sir, your behavior is unworthy and outrageous, and the whole country will condemn you.”

Recently Jean Pierre Van Rossem was convicted for fraud, money laundering and fraud. He received 2 years in prison for that. His lawyer announced that he would appeal. Jean Pierre Van Rossem, however, had to fight, he said  in an interview which he wanted to say goodbye to public life. ” When it’s finished, it’s gone. It does not interest me anymore. The ambition is totally gone. “ 

VIER recently unveiled a documentary about the  former stock market guru, econometrist, F1 team boss, swindler, writer and painter. There he said that he would rather die than go to jail. 



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