Jean-Pierre Foucault Something happen as of Earn Millions

Jean-Pierre Foucault

On January 19, the host of the game show returns on TF1 for a “one shot”. It is indeed at the same time, the first issue of “Who wants to earn millions” for eight years and the latest issue of his career that Jean-Pierre Foucault, 71, presents. His final departure and the arrival of Camille Combal, 37, the host of “Dance with the stars”, to replace him at the head of the mythical game, had been announced to viewers via a parody sketch aired on December 15 during an exceptional evening.

In his box, in the manner of the Godfather, Don Vito Corleone-Foucault subjected his foal to a burst of questions designed to judge his skills in general culture and ended the interview of the inevitable gimmick: ” This is your last word , Camille?”. Then patted the importers’ shoulder, saying: ” But to take my place in the Miss France, you can still hang on! “.

Tonight’s farewell to Jean-Pierre Foucault at one of the major programs of his career. With The Academy of 9 and Sacred Evening , Who wants to earn millions? will remain associated for a long time with the Marseilles animator. Handsome player, he does not want to start the fight too much and will leave his place to Camille Combal he dubbed.

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Moreover, in this same interview, Jean-Pierre Foucault also returns on a rather funny episode on the set Who wants to earn millions? To the question: “What is your best memory of the show? ” The future retiree replies, ” The day a candidate won the million. It’s quite extraordinary, these few seconds when you know that a person’s life will change.

In addition, this woman had taken the risk of answer the last question when she had acquired 300 000. For the little story, the moment she won, The confetti fell in big bundles of thousands, all stuck to each other! It must be said that they remained years above the plateau. The effect was particularly dramatic! “



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