Jaguar Attack at Arizona Zoo when Woman taking Selfie

Jaguar Attack

Wilkinson and his mother, who were in Litchfield Park Arizona, with his two children, ran around the corner where another young Jaguar was hanging on the cage – her paw piercing the woman’s arm as Jaguar Attack.

Wilkerson’s mother took a bottle of water from his stroller and tried to annoy her through a hole in the cage in an attempt to distract the cat. She worked, somewhat, with the claw of the woman’s arm, but kept her grip on her shirt.

At that point, Wilkerson and other spectators grabbed the woman and pulled her out of the cage.

The zoo issued a statement saying: “At any time the animal was out of the box, the incident is fully investigated.”

The accompanying phrase, along with the statement, reads as follows: “Please understand why the barriers are put in place send the prayers to the family tonight.”

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His mother used a bottle of water to get Jaguar Attack to leave the woman.

“I grabbed him and started pushing him into the cage, and that’s what happened when I picked up one of her claws and grabbed the bottle from her mouth,” said witness Michele Flores.

The infected woman said she was grateful to her rescuers, but were unhappy with their video. Did not recognize access to the enclosure enclosed by a concrete barrier, which meets federal guidelines for Jaguar Attack.



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