Introducing New Idyll Browser from Utopia Software

Idyll Browser

Utopia ecosystem is based on its own peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Among other things, the network enables you to host and transmit to fellow Utopia users any websites or web services of Idyll Browser.

Idyll browser is a built-in browser used to surf web resources within Utopia network. It is based on the latest Tor browser. As the Tor browser is a collection of patches for Firefox, we used some of those patches to create a secure browser for Utopia network.

The browser is specifically designed to be used within P2P Utopia network ensuring privacy and protection against data leaks of your operating system.

To start Idyll browser select “Tools” → “Idyll Browser”

Idyll Browser

How to verify that the browser works properly?

Make sure that your Utopia is running and connected to network.

Enter http://utopia at the address field of your browser.
If your browser is configured correctly, a website http://utopia will load.

If the http://utopia does not load, please refer to What if I encounter an error?

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How to configure Utopia Network?

Utopia Network is preconfigured by default. The built-in Idyll browser, which was installed along Utopia software, is ready to be used. All you need to do is to open an Idyll and enter the Utopia address in the address bar. To open an browser, please click on Tools -> Idyll Browser

If you still need to modify the Utopia settings, please visit Tools -> Settings, followed by Network tab.

Idyll Browser

In Utopia P2P Network section, SOCKS v5 option is enabled by default.

The local IP in hosts field should be

Port field value should be within 1024 – 49151 range. We advise to leave the default value as is: 1984

If you wish to act as a server within Utopia Network, please click on Tools -> uNS Manager (Utopia Name System) -> Packet Forwarding

Idyll Browser
Idyll Browser



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