Imagine Ariana Grande giving hints about Mac Miller

Imagine Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande fans can not get enough “imagine”.

Shortly after the singer dropped the new song on Friday, the loyal Arianturs took Twitter to praise Ariana Grande for the dream of the dream on the track, the slowly burning songs, and the whistle notes that certainly give Mariah Carey a path to her money as Imagine Ariana Grande.

But after hearing the song that was repeated, some fans began digging deeper and revealing evidence, apparently indicating that Ariana Grande had written the track about her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller.

First, the fact that the song title is “Imagine” is a saying in itself. Twitter users were quick to point out that Miller – who died in September – was a tattoo written on his inner disk.

The lyrics are somewhat similar to the lines in Cinderella for Mac Miller, where he was practicing rap music, “I was telling you about your clothes for me” and “When I’m hungry, I can take you with the larvae.”

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In May, shortly after her breakup, Ariana Grande confirmed that “Cinderella” was the only song Miller wrote about her in particular in his album The Divine Feminine.

While “Thank U, Next” is celebrated as a single, “Imagine” sees Ariana Grande dreaming of a special and low relationship, where the cameras can not see them: “Stay up all night, ask me for a Thai plate / then we go” sleep “until noon / Without makeup, you are in the bathtub / bubbles and bubbles, oh / this is fun, I feel that we never behave in this normal way.



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