How to use uWallet for Crypton in Utopia Software

Crypton Utopia

uWallet is Utopia’s built-in wallet that makes payments in Crypton possible. Crypton is Utopia’s own cryptocurrency. With uWallet you can make payments, store value in Cryptons, receive mining rewards, use Crypto Cards and uVouchers, request payments and accept payments at your website using built-in API. All of this while you remain anonymous. All payments are instant and cannot be reversed. Decentralized nature of Utopia ensures that your balance cannot be expropriated as Crypton Utopia.

uWallet main page is a collection of financial tools and information. You may view your current balance, manage Crypto Cards and uVouchers, review transaction history, sent Cryptons and request payments. Statistical information is available in the form of mining data and history, detailed transactions history, and treasury data of Crypton Utopia.

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How to send Crypton?

To make a payment click on “uWallet” in menu bar. Select “Open uWallet“. Click on “Send Cryptons” button to the left.


Alternatively click on “uWallet” in menu bar. Select “Send Cryptons“. You may also right-click any user at your contact list and select “Send Cryptons“.


Use “From” field to select the source of funds.


In “Sent to” field, enter Public Key, uNS registered name or upload/drag and drop uCode of the recipient.


You may select the recipient from the address book.


Specify the amount of Cryptons that you would like to send at the “Amount” field.

You may include a comment with your payment. The text will be visible to the recipient.

Click “Preview Transaction” button.


If the transaction data is correct, confirm the transaction by pressing “Confirm Transaction” button. Otherwise, click “Edit“.


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