How to Start Crypton mining in Utopia Software

Utopia Mining Bot

Cryptocurrency (Crypton) mining is a process by which new coins are introduced into the existing circulating supply. Utopia rewards users that support ecosystem through mining by emission of new Cryptons. When you run Utopia or bot you will receive your share of collective reward. The more time your Utopia client or bots spend online, the more reward you will earn. Users are rewarded every 15 minutes being online.

The purpose of mining in Utopia is to promote the stability of ecosystem by increasing the number of routing connections and providing additional storage.

By default mining is enabled at your Utopia client. Mining has almost no effect on your CPU or HDD load and does not increase power consumption. You will receive Cryptons every 15 minutes (block generation time).

Minimum mining system requirements:

  • 64-bit operating system
  • At least 1024 MB of free RAM (2048 recommended)
  • Internet connection

As long as you stay online and mining is enabled, you will receive reward.

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How to Enable mining at my Utopia client?

To Enable mining at your Utopia client, select “uWallet” → “Mining”. Check “Enable Mining” checkbox and click “Save“.

Crypton Mining

Utopia main mining page, statistics and history.

Crypton Mining

To visit a mining page click on “uWallet” at menu bar. Select “Mining“. The mining page contains all information on your mining activity. In Statistics tab, you can view the summary, statistics and information on last block. The information is available in chart form as well. Choose the type of chart you would like to see from the drop-down list at the top of the window.

Crypton Mining

Summary Section displays the following:

“Mining Status” – shows mining status.

“Mining threads” – shows the number of mining threads including bots (this is useful for tracking your mining bots).

“RAM allocation” – shows the allocation of RAM in MB.

“Next Mining Data Sending In” – displays the time left before the information on a new block arrives.

“Current Session Duration” – amount of time you have been online.

Crypton Mining

Your Mining Statistics section displays:

“Current session” – shows the amount of Cryptons you have mined during this session.

“All time” – shows the amount of Cryptons mined overall.

Crypton Mining

Last Block section displays:

“Generated” – time since the last block generated.

“Reward Per Thread” – shows reward per Utopia client or bot in Cryptons.

“Total Mining Threads” – the total number of Utopia clients or bots mining.

“Total Reward Generated” – shows the total amount of rewarded Cryptons for the last block.

If you wish to see your mining history, click on the “History” tab at the top. You may calculate your mining reward by selecting time frame and clicking “Calculate” button as Crypton Mining.

Crypton Mining

Alternatively, you may view your mining history, along all other transactions at your wallet. To do that click on “uWallet” at menu bar. Select “History“. From the drop-down list at the top choose “Mining“.

Crypton Mining



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